God is Amazing

God is amazing and he is capable of anything but he can still completely blow my mind. This weekend at church 163 people were baptized. 3 people were scheduled to be baptized but 160 more people wanted to publicly affirm their faith. God is awesome in what he can do. Anyone who wanted to affirm their faith was invited to come forward and be baptized. I expected maybe 10 people to come forward but people just kept coming.

Today was Paul Peterson’s last sermon at Northgate and he went out with a bang. I don’t know of a bigger gift that anyone could have given him than 163 being baptized. This man has touched my life in more ways than I could even express and I know that he has touched many other people’s lives as well. He has helped me grow in my faith so much, he was the person that made me think about becoming a pastor. He has encouraged me in many things and he is a person that I look up to very much.  If I ever become a pastor I want to be like him. I know that he had a big part in all the people being baptized but instead of being full of pride and thinking that he was the reason, he gave it all to God.

As he leaves for Georgia I would like to thank him for all the things that he’s done. On his blog he wrote how he will always have a spot in his life for Batavia once he leaves. In spite of him and his family moving I will always have a spot in my life for him. He is a great man and I wish that I could be like him someday. Thanks for two great years and many great memories Paul.


6 Responses

  1. Matt,

    It’s been a HUGE honor for me to serve as your pastor!

    I pray that someday, as a pastor, you will feel the deep feelings of fulfillment that I feel today.

    I also hope that someday you will know the feelings of excitement as you begin to expect the impossible!

    I’m proud of you man!

    Maybe someday you’ll preach at my church!


  2. Good for you Matt. Not many people your age have any idea as to what they wanna be when they get older, and even though you might change your mind a little here and there your on the right track!!

    God Bless You!!

  3. Matt…You are an amazing young man and I know God has BIG plans for you…I enjoy reading your logs…..I only wish I could write just at least half as good as you do …….Keep it going young man..God Bless…Debbie

  4. Congratulations Matt!! What a testimony!! It has been great watching you mature into such a wonderful young man and Phill and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for your life. We’re going to enjoy having you in senior teens for the next couple of years!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. […] week started with the baptism of 163 people that I wrote about in God is Amazing. It is still hard to believe that it really happened. It was such an amazing thing to see. I felt […]

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