A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Love– the high esteem that God has for his human children and the high regard which they in turn, should have for him and other people- Nelson’s Student Bible Dictionary

The Bible mentions love several times throughout the whole thing. It tells us to love God, love our neighbors and love our enemies.  The hardest of those of course is to love our enemies but I don’t know what one is easiest. At times it is very easy to love our neighbors but at other times it is hard, it is the same with God. When things are good we can love him a lot but when things are hard it is tougher to love him.

What should we do to show our love for God? That question may seem easy but it is not. We show love to other people by giving them gifts and spending time with them but we can’t do that with God. We can’t go to the store and buy him a present and we can’t have time when we play catch together or something like that. God gave his son for us but what can we give to him? The answer is actually pretty easy but it is hard to do. We need to give our lives to God, and follow what he tells us to do.  

It is easy to say that you commit your life to Christ but it is difficult to actually completely live for him. There are so many things in this world that can lead you away from God but we need to avoid those things. Committing your life to Christ comes with several responsibilities such as following his commandments. We will make mistakes and we will disobey some of his commandments but since Jesus died on the cross we can ask for forgiveness and repent and it will be granted to us.

God loves us so much that he gave his son to us. We need to love him back with the same high regard. We need to commit our lives to him and live by that commitment. Actions speak louder than words so our actions are what God wants to see. We should still pray to him and thank him for all the things that he’s done for us but we need to live our lives like Jesus lived his life.


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