My Week In Review

Throughout this last week I have felt God around me more than ever. It was an awesome feeling. I have felt him around me before but never for such a long period of time. So many things happened this week that made me feel like God was standing right beside me. I have never had a week like this ever but I hope that I have many more like this.

This week started with the baptism of 163 people that I wrote about in God is Amazing. It is still hard to believe that it really happened. It was such an amazing thing to see. I felt God’s presence the most at that service but I felt him stay with me throughout this whole week. Another very significant event this week was when I recieved an email from Aaron inviting me to become a contributor to AC180. That was such an honor to be asked and I gladly accepted it. It is a great blog and I am greatful that I can be apart of it and that I can help to reach out to people and help them grow with Christ.

I also spent a lot of time with Paul over the last few days. He is such a great man and I’m sad to see him go but I’m happy that he can answer his call from God. I helped him get ready for the yard sale that they were having. I got to have many good conversations with him while I was helping. Some of them were just a few words but they meant a lot to me. I could really feel God there when all of their stuff for the yard sale was outside and we heard thunder but it never rained until everything was safely covered.

This past week was amazing. I wish that every week of my life could be like this one but I know that they can’t. I know that some weeks it will feel like God is very far away. It is weeks like this that help me grow so much in my faith. Some other small but important things that happened this week were:

  • I set a new high for most views in one day on this blog.
  • Someone that I don’t talk to much told me that she liked my blog a lot.
  • I played hockey with Anthony and we had a good conversation on the way home.
  • Several other people told me that I was doing good on this blog.
  • I got a new grill (didn’t really affect my faith it was just awesome) 

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