The Big Bang

I was reading John 2:1-12 in my Bible where it tells about Jesus’ first miracle that he performed. Jesus was at a wedding where they ran out of wine. His mother was there and she told him that they had ran out and he responded. “Dear woman that is not my problem. My time has not yet come.” Later on he does make more wine when he turns the water into wine.

This is a very significant event. After this was performed it says,”this was the first time Jesus revealed his glory. And his disciples believed in him.” This verse leads me to believe that even his disciples didn’t completely believe in him. The people that spent the most time with him needed proof that he really was who he said he was. Sometimes a big event like that is exactly what is needed to get people to believe.

Things like that happen throughout the Bible. The story of Saul is a well known example of a big event causing someone to believe in God. A light from heaven shown down on him and he heard the voice of Jesus speaking to him. That was the event that turned Saul into Paul who wrote a majority of the books in the New Testament.

God still uses big events to cause people to believe in him. Sometimes the events are good things like miraculously avoiding danger. It could also be a bad thing that could be worse like getting into a car crash and be lucky to still be alive. It’s not luck, it’s God! Some people don’t need a big event to cause them to believe but others do and God knows exactly who needs what. 


2 Responses

  1. Good stuff. And an even more poignant point to be made is this. Even after they heard Him speak and saw Him perform miracles; they claimed that He was “from God”. Having said all that, they all rejected Him, on some level.

  2. God still uses big events to cause people to believe in him

    No, it’s more that people use big events, that their minds cannot reconcile, and attribute the explanation to a god. Just as primitives, who had very little understanding of the world in which they lived, invented the concept of god/s as a way of explaining the unknown.

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