Wednesday Night Update 8/22/07

I would just like to tell a little about what is going on in my life at this time. I’m thinking about making this an every other week or weekly installment on my blog. Feel free to leave a comment about anything that is going on in your life. You can share anything you would like, prayer requests included and I will try to post them on the next addition of  WNU.

  • I only have one more day of work left until I’m done for the summer.
  • My first hockey game was last night. We lost 4-3 but we played pretty well for our first game.
  • I have three other hockey games this week.
  • I attended a church called The Father’s House on Saturday. I enjoy visiting different churches and seeing how they do things and I liked this one very much.
  • I was informed earlier today that my brother’s friend’s father lost his battle with cancer. Please pray for the family in this tough time that they are going through.

Those are somethings that are happening in my life. If you wish please tell me what is happening in your life at this time.


One Response

  1. Praying for your brother’s friend’s family.

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