Growing Deeper

I was watching one of the Karate Kid movies the other day. In it Daniel was picking a bonsai tree and one of the branches split. He tried to mend it but he wasn’t sure if it would live. He took it to Mr. Miyagi and he told Daniel that if the roots were strong then the tree would survive but if they were weak it would die. A tree needs strong roots in order to survive because the roots provide so much for the tree. 

Our faith is like the tree. We need a strong faith to help us through tough times. If our faith isn’t strong then we may stray from God when bad things happen in our life. Without deep roots even the most healthy looking tree will probably not survive. You don’t see the roots but they are the most important part of the tree. You can’t tell just by looking at the tree if it has strong roots or not. You have to see what happens to the tree when a storm comes to see if the roots are strong. Our faith is like that to. You can’t tell that someone has a strong faith just by looking at them you have to see what they do when they are going through tough times.

We are not only suppose to grow our own faith. We are suppose to also spread our faith. We need to balance our time between growing and spreading our faith. You can’t just stay locked up in your room and grow your own faith you have to tell people about God. If we only grow our own faith, we are like the roots of a tree with nothing sticking out above the ground. Nobody will even know that it is there. We also can’t spend all of our time telling people about God. If we do that we are like a tall tree with very shallow roots that will be blown over when a storm hits. We need to balance our time right so we do both of those things. Jesus tells us to spread the news about him but he also wants us to have a deep faith in him. He wants us to be like tall trees with strong roots and we won’t fall when a storm hits.  


2 Responses

  1. I love seeing your ‘roots’ growing deeper and deeper. God is working through you and you are becoming an incredible man of faith…love ya!

  2. It is not faith that we need through tough times, it is friendship and family and love. My parents recently went through a tough time, and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t go to a Church a pray that everything would get better, I instead went to my best friend’s house every day for about two months, talking with her, and that made me feel more secure than any God ever could. She kept reasuring me that everything would be fine, and it is now. I don’t know what I would’ve done without a really good friend.
    You are using the tree metaphor to try to turn people in Christians? The way you worded it made it sound that way. Why should people need to be convinced that God will help them and offer them salvation. If they turn Christian that way, then it is like saying that were bribed into turning into a Christian. Christians should say that god is good, and then walk away and let people decide for themselves, instead of being pursuaded by someone.

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