Everything Glorious

The new David Crowder Band CD, ‘Remedy’, came out the other day. One of the songs on it is “Everything Glorious”. The song is about how God makes everything glorious and he made us which means we are glorious as well. Also I’m reading the book “3:16” by Max Lucado. It is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone. In the book it describes God’s “whoever policy”. Whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. God doesn’t limit eternal life to a certain group of people, he extends it to whoever.

Eternal life isn’t an exclusive thing that only certain people can have. God invites everyone. He created us in his own image and that image was of us being sin free but everyone sins. He offers us forgiveness because he want us to be closer to the image that he created us in. When we ask him for forgiveness he gladly does it because he wants us to be like the image he pictured us being. He created all of us in that same image and he wants to see us all sin free so he offers forgiveness and eternal life to whoever.

If you have ever tried to create something more times than not you pictured it coming out better than it did. Then you will do anything to get it to the standards that you pictured it being. I have done that so many times. I imagined something and then it is not what I pictured it being. I will spend hours trying to get it up to the standards that I imagined i being. If I do get it up to those standards and fix it up then I want to tell everyone what I’ve done. God does the same thing. He creates us in his image then when we sin we aren’t what he imagined us being. He offers us forgiveness because he wants to get us to the standards that he created us by. He will spend years trying to get us up to his image. Then when we ask for forgiveness and are saved God that he tells everyone and all of heaven rejoices.

God doesn’t limit his mercy and eternal life to anyone. Whoever believe in him will receive it We are all created in his image. He wants us all to ask for forgiveness and be more like the image that he created us in. When we are saved all of heaven rejoices because we are closer to the image that he created us in. He makes us all in that same image so no one is excluded from forgiveness and eternal life. He makes everything glorious and he made us.


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