Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Day 17 Standing On His Word

There is a large pool in Jerusalem called Bethesda. Wounded people and sick people gather all around there because they believe that when the water bubbles the first person to touch the water will be healed. Jesus goes to Bethesda and sees all the people. He goes up to one man who is paralyzed and asks him if he wants to be well. What did that man think when he heard that? Someone was willing to help him so he responds, “there is no one to help me get into the pool when the water starts moving” (John 5:6-7) So Jesus tells the man to get up and walk and he does.

Jesus knew exactly what to do in Bethesda to reach the greatest amount of people to believe in him. If Jesus went into Bethesda and started preaching to people they probably wouldn’t have believed. If he was there telling people that he was God on earth and there was hope of salvation the people probably wouldn’t care. They all wanted to be healed. They didn’t want to hear what Jesus had to say. Instead of preaching to them he went to one person and healed that one man. Jesus knew exactly what to do, he knew that the people would see the man and ask how he was healed, he knew the man would tell him that Jesus healed him and they would believe. 

Jesus had a strategy to getting the most amount of people saved. We need a strategy too. You can’t go up to someone and just mention something about Christ and expect them to believe. They might listen to you but they will probably forget about everything that you say. You need to be comforting to them, show them God’s love and then they will probably believe. Your words will probably seem empty to them but your actions, they will take note of.

Jesus knew exactly what to do, he had a strategy. You need a strategy to share the word. Words mean nothing without actions. Don’t be all talk, be some talk and a lot of action because that’s what people will notice. Even the smallest action will be noticed, you don’t need fireworks and loud music, every small thing counts because actions speak louder than words.  


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