Stop the Suffering

Day 18 The God-Man Jesus

Jesus hated to see people suffering, he absolutely despised it. One time he saw the mother of a young boy who had died crying. The boy was the woman’s only son and she was a widow. When he saw her, his heart went out to her (Luke 7:13). He didn’t like to see people suffering so he went up to the women and said “don’t cry”. I can imagine that when Jesus said that the woman thought, “Why shouldn’t I cry? My only son is dead.” Then Jesus went over to the coffin and said, “Young man I say to you, get up” (v. 14) and he did, he rose up out of the coffin and was alive.

Jesus hated to see people suffering. He came down to earth and died to save us from our suffering. He took the punishment for us. He would rather get beaten and killed than to see us suffering. He healed suffering people, he preached hope to suffering people, he helped suffering people. Now he gave that task to us, he wants us to hate to see suffering people so we do all that we possibly can to stop the suffering in their lives. Jesus died so we don’t have suffering so why don’t we live to help other people not to have suffering.


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