24: Hour 8

Previously on 24

The following takes place between 7pm and 8pm

I was in my hotel room and I was finally able to work some more. I was  working for a while then I heard a knock on the door. I answered it and saw Jack. He told me that his shift was up and he was going home. He told me that if I needed anything I could call him. I thanked him and then he left. I was watching TV and I felt nerveous. I wanted to know if anyone had broken into my house but I didn’t want to leave the hotel to go to my house. I tried to stop thinking about that. I tried to think that the only reason that the people were following me was because they were curious but I couldn’t help but thinking that. I thought about going back to my house and comfronting the people and just tell them what my announcement was but I still didn’t want anyone to know. I had made so many tough decisions already today and now I had to make another.


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