Unlocked: Positions

Today my “Unlocked” series begins. There are three different positions that you will have to take in sharing your faith. You could be the Tiller, Planter or the Grower. You may be only one of those positions but you also may be all three. All three are equally important to helping someone find God and to help them build a strong relationship with God.

The first position that you will be is the tiller. When you’re gardening the tiller loosens up the dirt to make it good to plant. In this case the tiller gets the person so that God can be planted into their heart. The tiller probably won’t bring the person to God but they will make them open to other people and eventually someone will plant God into their heart. The tiller will do something like help a person out doing things so that their heart will be open. Many people that aren’t Christians think that Christians are a bunch of hypocrites. So the tiller will try to make them see that we all aren’t. I have heard that it takes approximately ten good things for everyone bad thing that a person sees a Christian do. So the tiller may do all ten of those things but they also might only do one but it is still important because it is getting them closer to being ready to plant.

The next position is the Planter. A planter will plant the seeds of God. They will start the person out on a relationship although it will only be in the early stages. The Planter will get the person to cross the line and accept Jesus into their life. Then the Grower will take over. The Grower will continue to help the person to get a deeper relationship with God. The person will be hungry for Christ and the Grower will feed them. The person probably won’t know a lot about the Christian faith so the Grower will answer their questions and help them to get closer to God.

All three of those positions are important to bringing someone to a relationship with God and all three need to be done. Jesus told us to spread our faith so we must do so. You can help someone to change their life just by doing one of those three things. So go out and do one of those things to bring someone to Christ and help them to change their life.


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