One important thing that you have to have when you are trying to reach people is you must have faith. You must have faith that when God calls you to go to talk to someone or do something that it is the right thing to be doing. If you go over to someone and seem unsure about yourself then it probably won’t make the same impression as it would if you were calm and sure of yourself.

God will call you to step out of your comfort zone and into a situation that you won’t know what will happen. You have to have a good faith and put your trust in God. He will speak through you and use you in ways that you wouldn’t be able to do without him. When God called Moses to go to Pharaoh and lead the Israelites out of Egypt to the Promise Land Moses didn’t want to do it. God told Moses that he will speak through him and give him words to speak. Moses had to have the faith that God would do that or he would have probably never have gone in front of Pharaoh and became the great leader that he did.

Faith is a very important key to reaching people. You must have faith that God will work through you to bring people to Christ. You must take a leap of faith and step out of your comfort zone and great things may happen. You may only have one chance to bring someone to Christ and help them turn their life around, so when God calls you to step out of your comfort zone have faith in him and do it.


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  1. Sometimes being a little unsure makes you more real and accessible though, however I see your point that being confident goes a long way no matter what the circumstances. So in other words just let me contradict myself Lol 🙂
    Anyway I agree that faith is important and that no matter who you are or where you are you will be taken out of your comfort zone and that can appear in different forms for different people.

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