My Spanish class is going to a concert of a Argentinian singer named Justo Lamas. In my class I decided to call him Julio Gusto just because I think that name sounds cooler. Today I was talking to someone that wasn’t in my class and they don’t even take Spanish and they called him Julio Gusto. I laughed because the name that I was calling him was getting around and many people only knew him as Julio Gusto not Justo Lamas. Even though I have told many people and many people know that his name is Justo they still call him Julio because it’s hard to change something when you’re in a habit of doing that thing.

I’m reading the book “UnChristian” by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons. It is about the way that people today think of Christians. Many people see Christians in a bad way calling us things like anti-homosexual, hypocritical and judgemental. It will not be easy to get people to stop thinking of us that was but it has to be done. Just like with Julio Gusto, it is hard to get people to change what they call him because that is what they already think that his name is.

We need to change their way of thinking about Christians and the Christian faith and to do that we have to start living more like Jesus. It sounds simple when it is put like that but as everyone knows it is not easy to reflect Jesus in everything that we do. We need to change people’s mind’s about Christianity because we’re not suppose to be those things but sadly their are many Christians that are. If you are a Christian what type of Christian do you want to be? Do you want to be one that hurts this problem of the way people see Christians or do you want to be one that helps this problems and starts changing people’s minds?


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  1. I not just being your mom when I say I am amazed at how your mind works and how I see God working in your life. I am so proud to be your mom and I love how you are leading. I’m learning so much from you 🙂

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