My Visit to The Chapel at Elmwood

I visited The Chapel at Elmwood this morning to learn how they set up their tech stuff. I learned a lot about it all. I think that going to different places to see hoew they do their stuff helps to get new ideas to make our stuff as good as possible. This was the first time that I saw a church that was in a movie theater. I have been to a few that were in high school but never in a theater. I think that there are some things that are better in a theater but also some that are worse. I liked the way that the people at Elmwood set up their tech stuff. It wasn’t really that hard to set up the way that they kept things. It was great to see what they did.


One Response

  1. Matt!

    I can’t wait to work with you man!

    You’re going to be great!

    Keep learning and let’s rip some walls down!

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