The Inside Counts

Today I received a comment from Jared who doesn’t practice any religion. He said that he respects Christians and their belief but he doesn’t feel like they respect him back. I know that some Christians don’t respect those who aren’t Christians because I have seen it happen. Just because this person doesn’t believe doesn’t mean that he is a bad person. He could be the greatest guy in the world but just because he isn’t a Christian he is looked down on by Christians.

I went to Skyline Chili last night and it was some good food. While I was there we had a conversation with the waitress there. We told her that we were moving to this area to plant a church. She came right out and said that she doesn’t go to church. She said that the problem with the people at church is that they judge you. This isn’t in all churches but many people who don’t go to church say it’s because they are judged and feel like they’re not accepted. As Christians we are suppose to accept everyone as they are but sadly that doesn’t always happen.

It is really sad that these people have such a negative perspective of Christians. Christians shouldn’t be like that but some are. We should respect everyone no matter their religion. If you look down on them and talk bad about them they may never want to come to a church or give God a chance. We also should accept everyone as they are. It doesn’t matter what they look like or anything like that. God doesn’t look at anyone’s appearance he looks into there hearts. The outside is irrelevant, it’s what is on the inside that counts.


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