Keep the Excitement Alive

Today I did an experiment in my Chemistry class using alka-seltzer, a film canister and water. If you put water in the film canister then put the alka-seltzer in the water and close the cap it will blow the cap off and send it flying across the room. I saw it happen probably about twenty times and it was cool for about four times then it got boring. The surprise of the cap blowing off became boring and I didn’t want to see it anymore. Something that was really cool became something that was boring. I believe that a lot of Christians are like that experiment. When they first become Christians they are excited about it and they will tell people about their new faith. Those new Christians usually want to help to spread their faith to everyone. Then after a while the excitement dies out and they stop talking about their faith and sharing it. They become comfortable where they are and they don’t want to take any risks talking about their faith because of the way that they will be thought of.

If you are one of those Christians that are just sitting back and staying comfortable where you are I encourage you to take a step out of that comfort zone and take some risks by sharing your faith. It feels so good when you help to bring someone into a relationship with Jesus. If you are one of those Christians that are really excited about your faith and share it with everyone keep on doing that. Don’t stop sharing because once you do it will be hard to step out of your comfort zone. Jesus told us to be fishers of men, bringing everyone that we can into a relationship with him so we should all do that. Keep sharing your faith and keep the excitement alive.


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