Ocean Floor

I was just watching a show on the National Geographic Channel about the ocean floor and the song “Ocean Floor” by Audio Adrenaline came into my head. In the song it says, “your sins are erased and they are no more, they’re out on the ocean floor.” In the music video for that song it shows some people with sea shells that represent their sins. Towards the end of the video they take those shells and they throw them into the ocean where they sink down to the ocean floor. As soon as they let go of that shell they are free from those sins.

It takes a toll carrying around sin everywhere you go. Think about if you had to carry around a shell with you everywhere you went. It would get in the way of everything that you want to do. So take that shell and throw it into the ocean and let it sink to the ocean floor. You will suddenly feel so much better and free of that sin that you have lived with for so long. Everyone can feel that freedom all that you must do is accept Jesus into your life and ask him for for forgiveness and he will give it to you. He will have your sins be put “out on the ocean floor.”


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  1. Tahnks for posting

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