Listening (Part II)

I received a comment on my post Listening today asking what happens if we are not willing to listen to and do what God wants us to do. I can’t find any scripture in the Bible telling specifically what happens if we are not willing to listen to what God has planned. There is nothing that says, if you don’t listen to God then he will find someone else to do it or it won’t happen or anything like that but what I do know is that there is a lot of scripture in the Bible saying that if you have faith and listen to God then you will gain a lot in return and people will be helped because of it. Jonah disobeyed God and he tried to run from what God was calling him to do. He got on a ship to sail away from where he was suppose to be going and and big storm came. Jonah told the sailors that the storm was because of him and he got thrown overboard where he got eaten by a whale and lived in the whale’s stomach. Then he got spit out on to shore where he finally listened to God and went to the place where he was suppose to go and great things happened there and it was because Jonah listened and did what God told him to do. He ran at first but then he turned around and corrected himself and got forgiveness.

I think that when you don’t do what God wants you to do he keeps putting it on your heart to do that thing. Jonah kept feeling that pull to turn around and obey God. In his case it took a more than a little tug on his heart but in other cases it only takes a whisper instead of a big event like that to get it done. Jonah did do what God asked him to do and he was better off because of it. In Genesis, Abraham listened to God when he left his home and went to an unknown nation for God. Abraham was rewarded for doing that and God was pleased. I have read many books and heard many sermons about people that have obeyed God and have been happy that they have. Jeremiah 29:11 says,” For I know the plans that I have for you says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope” (NLT).

God’s plans for you are for good and they should be followed. If you don’t listen at first he will keep trying to get you to do what he has planned for you. If you don’t ever listen to what he wants you to do and never ask for forgiveness for not doing that then you will have eternity to think about the reasons why you didn’t obey him. If you didn’t want anything to do with him while you were on earth God won’t want anything to do with you in heaven. It may seem like a harsh punishment for not listening but he gave us everything that we have and he also gives us forgiveness and the chance to make things right like in Jonah’s case where God gave Jonah the chance to go back and do what God wanted him to do.

“God’s light came into the world but people loved the darkness more than the light” (John 3:19 NLT) Not only did God give us everything that we have but he also gave us his only son to die for everyone’s sins. He gave light to the world but many people like the dark and reject God and the light. By not doing what God asks us to do we are rejecting the light and embracing the darkness. Don’t embrace the darkness be the light in dark places and let the glory of God shine through you.


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