I Want to Be An Expert

I watch the news in the morning and all the time I hear, “Experts say…” and that statement is followed by an explanation or reason for something that happened and almost always it is a reason that all you need to figure out that reason is a little common sense. For example, experts say that the reason that there was shortages of gas in some parts of the country is because people heard that there might be shortages and those people bought a lot of gas so they didn’t run out. That is a pretty common sense reason but it still took “experts” to tell us that. I want to be one of those experts that say common sense explanations and then get paid for it. I think that would be a pretty cool job to have.


2 Responses

  1. Ha! Hey, have you ever noticed how often the “experts” are surprised at the turn of events?

  2. People only listen to the experts, but one person who isn’t an expert could be listened to if they just stuck a foot out there…

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