Best of 2008

I have read so many “Best of 2008” articles that I am sick of them, they’re all over the place! 2008 was a historic year in many ways but 2009 will be too and so will all the years to follow. There will always be something historic about a year and every year there will be more “Best Of…” articles and we will forget about the best of that last year. The real bests are the ones that can survive the  years, something that people will still remember next year at this time and ten years after that. The best songs and movies of 2008 will most likely be forgotten about because they will get old and more new, better ones will come out. Sports records will be broken, championships will be nothing special because the current season is more important, other events will occur that will be better than the last and almost all of the “Bests” will be replaced. When you take all of that into consideration what was the Best of 2008?

Two people always come up when talking about the best of 2008, Michael Phelps and Barrack Obama. Phelps won 8 gold medals in the Olympics and broke 7 world records in an amazing fashion. Obama was the first black president. Both of those feats are great but will they both be remembered in 10 years? Will they still be just as amazing then as they are now? I don’t think that they will and other people will replace them.

There is only one that will be remembered and still considered just as amazing then as now. Someone that we will talk about at least once a week. That someone is God. He has done so many great things in 2008 and he will continue to do great things and continue to amaze us. It is no contest, the winner for best of 2008 is God.


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