Christian Marketing (Part 2)

I found a video from Rob Bell last night about Christian marketing. He saw the same kind of thing that I did in the sign saying “Hell is Real” but he saw a person yelling into a bullhorn about Hell and trying to help people but it’s wasn’t working because it confuses people. Through things like that they are condemning people to Hell but if Jesus didn’t come to condemn then we aren’t here to do so either. It confuses people! It confuses people because they hear that Christians are suppose to be one thing yet they are not being that. They hear that Christians are supposed to be loving but those don’t seem like loving things to say. They hear that Christians aren’t supposed to condemn yet they do just that. They hear that Christians are supposed to be more like Jesus but that’s not who Jesus was. It’s confusing!

Even though most Christians aren’t like that every Christian will be viewed in the same way. Who would want to be in a group of hypocrites, that yell about Hell, fire and brimstone and care only about converting you to their religion? I don’t want to be in a group that is label in that way and I can’t imagine someone who isn’t already a Christian wanting to either. That’s why those kind of things need to stop. They need to put down the bullhorns take down the signs and start doing things differently. Start loving instead of condemning, maybe then the image of Christians will be more like Jesus.


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