Just an Attempt

Yesterday I watched some of the Winter X games. I used to watch all of it but now I’m not as into it as I used to be. One thing that they kept replaying was Levi LeVelle’s attempt at a double backflip on a snowmobile. He was able to get the snowmobile to flip twice but he landed too hard and he fell off. Even though he didn’t land it everyone went crazy including him. They loved him just for trying it. I think that’s awesome! He didn’t even have to land it for people to be amazed he just had to attempt.


Who Will Win The Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XLIII

Who Will Play in the Super Bowl?

The two teams that will play in the Super Bowl will be decided today. I think it will Arizona and Baltimore in the Super Bowl.


Tony Dungy announced today that he would be retiring from Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts. I had a feeling that he would be gone but now he made it official. I have read his book “Quiet Strength” and it is up on the list of my favorites. Before everyone of my hockey games last year I would take a quote from that book and write it down along with my goals for that game. He was the person that I said I wanted to have dinner with in my profile for the hockey program. He is not only a successful coach but he is a classy person, a strong Christian and he has a heart for people to help them in any way. Congratulations Tony Dungy on a highly successful career in the NFL.

Christian Marketing (Part 2)

I found a video from Rob Bell last night about Christian marketing. He saw the same kind of thing that I did in the sign saying “Hell is Real” but he saw a person yelling into a bullhorn about Hell and trying to help people but it’s wasn’t working because it confuses people. Through things like that they are condemning people to Hell but if Jesus didn’t come to condemn then we aren’t here to do so either. It confuses people! It confuses people because they hear that Christians are suppose to be one thing yet they are not being that. They hear that Christians are supposed to be loving but those don’t seem like loving things to say. They hear that Christians aren’t supposed to condemn yet they do just that. They hear that Christians are supposed to be more like Jesus but that’s not who Jesus was. It’s confusing!

Even though most Christians aren’t like that every Christian will be viewed in the same way. Who would want to be in a group of hypocrites, that yell about Hell, fire and brimstone and care only about converting you to their religion? I don’t want to be in a group that is label in that way and I can’t imagine someone who isn’t already a Christian wanting to either. That’s why those kind of things need to stop. They need to put down the bullhorns take down the signs and start doing things differently. Start loving instead of condemning, maybe then the image of Christians will be more like Jesus.

Christian Marketing

The other week I rode past a billboard off the side of the highway, the only thing it said was, in big letters, HELL is REAL. I want to know from the people who put up that sign what their goal for having that sign is. To me it seems like it is for everyone to see yet it does nothing for anyone. It’s not encouraging, its not uplifting, all it is doing is using scare tactics to try to change people and I find it hard to see it changing anyone. The sign says nothing good, it only uses the darkness part of Christianity. It doesn’t say anything about the forgiveness and all the things that Jesus promised us or all the great things about it. All the sign is doing is using fear to try to change people.

I’m not saying that Hell isn’t real but I am asking, why would be put on a billboard? It’s a marketing scheme for Christianity but when you have such a great “product” why would you have to scare people into “buying” it.? In this case Christianity needs to be like McDonald’s, they don’t market the high calories and fat and how unhealthy most of the food is but if you ask about it they don’t deny it. The high calories are the worst part about the food so they market the good aspects like the taste. Hell is like the fat and calories, it’s there and shouldn’t be denied but it shouldn’t be marketed. It’s not something that draws people to Christianity but it is something that is part of it so it shouldn’t be thrown to the side like it’s not there but it shouldn’t be marketed.

Why doesn’t that sign say Heaven is Real? That would make more sense to me. It shows the best part of Christianity and it is still dealing with the same subject of what happens after death. It is encouraging and instead of using fear its offering a reward. It’s shows the promise that Jesus gave us in John 3:16, “whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” There are commercials and ads all the time about rewards for joining something or for buying something so why wouldn’t the rewards of Christianity be marketed? This reward is so much better than all of the other rewards in all of the world combined so we should tell everyone about that.

2009 NFL Wild Card

NFL Wild Card 2009The NFL wild card games start today. I predict Atlanta to win over Arizona and San Diego to win over Indianapolis. Even though LT is hurt he says he will try to play and I think that the Chargers can still take down Peyton Manning and the Colts even without LT at 100%.
Tomorrow I predict Baltimore to beat Miami and Minnesota to beat Philadelphia.