Memphis No More

Memphis ruined my bracket! I had them going all the way to the National Championship but Missouri had to ruin that. I still have three other teams that are in my Final Four still in the tournament and my champion pick so I still may be alright without Memphis. I have UNC winning the tournament so I have to root for them to win tonight.NCAA Missouri Memphis Basketball


A Different Kind Of Highlight

A few years ago the NHL changed the rules so that no game can end in a tie. The games now go into a shootout if the game is still tied after 5 minutes of OT. I like the shootout and it has produced several great highlights but none quite like the one that I saw today.

I saw this video on today and it was so funny that I had to post it here. This is an AHL goalie (NHL farm league) in a shootout a few days ago. Let’s just say this guy might have some anger management issues…

2009 NFL Wild Card

NFL Wild Card 2009The NFL wild card games start today. I predict Atlanta to win over Arizona and San Diego to win over Indianapolis. Even though LT is hurt he says he will try to play and I think that the Chargers can still take down Peyton Manning and the Colts even without LT at 100%.
Tomorrow I predict Baltimore to beat Miami and Minnesota to beat Philadelphia.

New Years Day- 2009

Yesterday I sat down to watch the Winter Classic at Wrigley Field. It was a little different this year. Instead of me sitting out in the freezing cold like last year to be at the game I was sitting on my couch with a fire n  in the fireplace. The Red Wings won the game 6-4 in a good game.

Later I sat down again to watch the Orange Bowl. Cincinnati had their first bowl appearance in 58 years or something like that. Cincinnati lost the game but it was still a close game until the end when a roughing the kicker call gave Virginia Tech a first and then when Cincinnati got the ball back they threw and interception. It was still a good game even though I would have liked the outcome to be different.

Tomorrow In Beijing

The Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics are tomorrow night. I found this article about the “Top U.S. Athletes to Watch at Beijing Games”. I also found an article about the “Top International Athletes to Watch at Beijing Games”. I think that this Olympics will end up being good but I’ll just have to wait and see.

Tour de France

I’m not a big cycling fan, actually I’m not much of a fan at all but every year when it comes to be the time for the Tour de France I always watch a few stages and keep track of the standings. This year and for the past few years the tour results haven’t been the big news. The big news has been the doping and the riders that have been kicked out. It is sad that some of the attention that the winners should receive go to the people that got kicked out due to doping. The Tour de France is an amazing test of endurance and the  winner this year was Carlos Sastre from Spain. Anyone who can compete on that level and finish the race has accomplished something great but Sastre was able to do it the fastest and win. I personally wanted Cadel Evans to win but he came in second place, 58 seconds behind Sastre.

Wednesday Night Update 8/22/07

I would just like to tell a little about what is going on in my life at this time. I’m thinking about making this an every other week or weekly installment on my blog. Feel free to leave a comment about anything that is going on in your life. You can share anything you would like, prayer requests included and I will try to post them on the next addition of  WNU.

  • I only have one more day of work left until I’m done for the summer.
  • My first hockey game was last night. We lost 4-3 but we played pretty well for our first game.
  • I have three other hockey games this week.
  • I attended a church called The Father’s House on Saturday. I enjoy visiting different churches and seeing how they do things and I liked this one very much.
  • I was informed earlier today that my brother’s friend’s father lost his battle with cancer. Please pray for the family in this tough time that they are going through.

Those are somethings that are happening in my life. If you wish please tell me what is happening in your life at this time.