A Different Kind Of Highlight

A few years ago the NHL changed the rules so that no game can end in a tie. The games now go into a shootout if the game is still tied after 5 minutes of OT. I like the shootout and it has produced several great highlights but none quite like the one that I saw today.

I saw this video on ESPN.com today and it was so funny that I had to post it here. This is an AHL goalie (NHL farm league) in a shootout a few days ago. Let’s just say this guy might have some anger management issues…


Christian Marketing (Part 2)

I found a video from Rob Bell last night about Christian marketing. He saw the same kind of thing that I did in the sign saying “Hell is Real” but he saw a person yelling into a bullhorn about Hell and trying to help people but it’s wasn’t working because it confuses people. Through things like that they are condemning people to Hell but if Jesus didn’t come to condemn then we aren’t here to do so either. It confuses people! It confuses people because they hear that Christians are suppose to be one thing yet they are not being that. They hear that Christians are supposed to be loving but those don’t seem like loving things to say. They hear that Christians aren’t supposed to condemn yet they do just that. They hear that Christians are supposed to be more like Jesus but that’s not who Jesus was. It’s confusing!

Even though most Christians aren’t like that every Christian will be viewed in the same way. Who would want to be in a group of hypocrites, that yell about Hell, fire and brimstone and care only about converting you to their religion? I don’t want to be in a group that is label in that way and I can’t imagine someone who isn’t already a Christian wanting to either. That’s why those kind of things need to stop. They need to put down the bullhorns take down the signs and start doing things differently. Start loving instead of condemning, maybe then the image of Christians will be more like Jesus.

Top 10 Christmas Movies- #7

7.  “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

This movie does a good job of reminding us the true meaning of Christmas. It’s not about the big trees, the nice lights or the presents, it’s about Jesus being born. Charlie Brown felt sad around Christmas time because he didn’t know the real meaning and he felt like there was something more to Christmas. When he finds out what that meaning is he understands what he was missing. Charlie Brown feels like he can’t do anything right until at the end when his friends decorate the little tree for him and make it beautiful. They did something for him and he felt much better after that.

There are many people that feel like something is missing around Christmas because they don’t get many presents or they don’t have people to celebrate with or whatever their situation is. This Christmas, remind someone of the real meaning of Christmas and do something for them to bring them some Christmas cheer, just like Charlie Brown’s friends did for him.

Top 10 Christmas Movies- #8

8. “The Year Without a Santa Claus”

What would happen if Santa were to take a year off? We almost had to find out in this movie. Santa had a case of the Christmas blues because he did so much yet he was so unappreciated and he thought that nobody had Christmas spirit. When Santa gets a letters saying, “I’ll have a blue Christmas without you” and the kids give him a “holiday” he decides that there is Christmas spirit and he doesn’t take the year off. This movie also has the two great characters Heat miser and Snow miser with their great theme songs which makes the movie so much better.

24 Redemption Tonight!

24 is back tonight after not being on last season. I can’t wait!

Be Our Solution

“Don’t worry about anything instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need, thank him for all he has done.” -Philippians 4:6

I was searching youtube the other day for worship videos and I came across the song “Solution” by Hillsong. It is a great song just like many others from Hillsong. After listening to that song I read that verse in my bible and I made the connection between the two and realized that they both have the same general message. The song is asking God to be the solution and the verse is telling us to pray to God asking him to be that solution. When things get tough it is always good to turn to God and pray to him to ask him to help us. 1 Thessalonians 5-17 says, “Never stop praying” and really it is that simple. Just don’t stop praying, whatever you’re doing you can just say a prayer to him about something. That is one thing that I usually come up short on.  I usually pray when I’m relaxed at home but I rarely do it whenever I’m doing something. God will listen to our prayers at anytime no matter what we’re doing and when we pray to him he can help us. We need a solution so let’s ask, “God, be our solution”.

Turn on the Lights

Today in school we had a speaker come in to talk about leadership. He told a lot of funny stories but he didn’t do a good job talking about leadership. The speakers message wasn’t very clear. When it comes to your faith is your message clear? Can people tell what you’re about easily? As Christians we are to let the light of Jesus shine through us so that everyone will see. We should make our message clear and share our faith with everyone. We shouldn’t hide it or disguise it we need to let it be known. Jesus told us to spread our faith and that is what we should do so more people can have a relationship with him. When it comes to our faith we need to turn on the lights!